Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening (dental bleaching) is a cosmetic procedure performed for patients who desire a brighter and whiter sparkling smile.
Tooth whitening is done to remove the stains caused by smoking, tobacco chewing, colored food stains or poor oral hygiene. Laser Tooth Whitening System is the advanced procedure and most expensive system which takes only an hour to do. The treatment begins by applying a bleaching gel on the tooth enamel and then activated using a controlled laser light. Its is a faster and safest whitening procedure used now a days.

Treatment Procedure:

Two types of Bleaching system are available. They are

  • » In office Bleaching system (done in the dental clinic by the dentist)
  • » Home Bleaching system (done in home by the patient itself with a customised tray provided by the dentist)


  • » People typically have their teeth whitened to improve their appearance and self confidence. Whiter teeth are associated with beauty and a healthier lifestyle. When people have a brighter smile, they tend to smile more often and are less self-conscious.
  • » In addition, a whiter smile tends to minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles, giving way to a more youthful and energetic appearance.
  • » Finally, a whiter smile gives people to whom you are speaking a place to focus on and gives you a friendlier appearance.


  • »  Although bleaching is very effective, there can be short term disadvantages, such as sore gums or sensitivity of teeth after bleaching. This disappears when bleach use is discontinued. Some individuals are more chemically sensitive. If you are one of them, inform your cosmetic dentist so that you can be tested for sensitivity to the bleaching agent.
  • » Research indicates that bleaching is completely effective in more than 80% of people. In cases of severe discoloration, bleaching may not be the best choice. Veneers or crowns may be the superior choice. Bleaching is usually the first solution to try due to its lower cost.