X Rays To Detect Dental Caries And Gum Problems

Many diseases of the teeth and other oral tissues cannot be detected by visual examination alone. At arun dental care radiographs (X-ray) are taken to find out

  • » Decay present in between the teeth or beneath the old fillings or crown
  • » Cysts , abscess and tumors
  • » Bone diseases
  • » Developmental anomalies of the teeth

The dental problems that are found out, at an early stage will save time, money and also the tooth. Radiographs (X-rays) help to save your tooth and also your life by detecting dental tumors.


  • »  For the smaller tooth destruction topical fluoride is used and for larger lesions the treatment given are filling with Restorative materials like Glass Ionomer Cement, composite resin, porcelain and gold.
  • » Fillings are done to restore the decayed portion of the tooth. Nowadays tooth colored fillings are available.
  • » Previously Amalgam was used to restore the carious portion of the tooth; the black colour of the filling material was aesthetically not acceptable. Moreover, research studies proved the fact that the mercury used in amalgam restorations cause toxic effects. Nowadays amalgam fillings are not used, instead tooth colored restorations, like composite resins are used. Composite restorations have good bonding strength, longevity and great compressive strength to withstand the chewing forces of mastication.
  • » The inlays and onlays are done on the teeth that are extensively damaged by decay or to save the fractured teeth.