A beautiful smile goes beyond words. Orthodontics is about gifting you with one such smile. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with the alignment of malaligned teeth (proclined teeth, spacing in between the teeth and crowded teeth).

Orthodontics dentistry is done to improve the appearance of the patient, for cosmetic reasons and also to achieve efficient chewing function, speech, a balanced muscle system and prevention of decay and gum diseases. It can also be used to correct anomalies of jaw growth, chin position, facial profile etc. Surgical orthodontics can correct abnormalities after the growth of a person is complete.

Malaligned (Crowded Or Proclined) Teeth Causes

  • » Food accumulation which leads to plaque and calculus formation
  • » Dental caries
  • » Gingivitis
  • » Periodontitis
  • » Difficulty in eating
  • » Slurred speech
    Orthodontics dentists helps to solve all these problems and regain the oral and general health.

Treatment Procedure:

Dentists suggest wearing braces for these, where patient need to keep braces for 6 -15 months and should be monitored every 4 weeks.
Most of the people are treated with orthodontic braces in their teens, we at Arun Dental Care believe the best time to be examined by a dentist is when a child is six years old. Frequently, we are able to avoid major orthodontic work in later years by using space maintaining devices to avoid overcrowding of teeth.
There is no age limit for the orthodontic treatment.

There are many types of braces available, in which

  • » steel braces are more affordable for all people
  • »  ceramic braces which are available in porcelain
  • »  poly carboxyl ate which appear just like the normal teeth and cannot be recognized
  • »  lingual orthodontics, where we place the orthodontic wire on the back surface of your teeth, completely out of sight.
  • »  Invisalign clear orthodontic trays

Remember, there is no age limit to start orthodontic treatment.