Laser dentistry

LASER is a technological invention which has taken the whole world by a storm and dentistry is no exception to its versatile applications. The ability of the laser beam to deliver focused energy is put to use in different dimensions in dentistry.

We offer quick relief and painless treatments with minimal bleeding or no bleeding at all by employing lasers in our day to day care. It replaces the dental drill and scalpel which patients have feared for many years. We use the most advanced laser machines for various treatments, increasing comfort and convenience for our patients and at the same time delivering superior quality care.

Lasers are used to heal cold sores in the mouth quick and easy, gums can be reshaped and smile can be defined, cavities can be detected, sensitive teeth can be treated and the advantages are endless.

We use Dental lasers for the following applications:

  • » Implant surgeries
  • » Removal of tooth decay
  • » Gum Lightening
  • » Biopsies
  • » Disinfection during Root Canal Therapy
  • » Speed up healing of mouth ulcers

As patients typically feel less pain with Lasers when compared to the drill, little or no anesthesia is needed when a laser is used. If you hate the sound of the dental drill, you will love the laser.

The use of the Dental laser depends on your clinical situation, and your eligibility for its use will be determined at the time of treatment planning.