The common dental condition occuring when a tooth fails to fully emerge from the gums. If these teeth to partially emerge they may trap food or bacteria in the soft tissue around them and giving rise to foul odour and swelling of the gums called pericoronitis. The eruption of this wisdom tooth is usually between 18 - 22 years. This occurs only if there is space in the jaws, due to deficient space the wisdom tooth gets locked within the jaws.

Removal of certain teeth may be necessary to improve the overall health, function, smile and comfort of a person. The transition of the current generation to softer diets has also modified the growth pattern of the jaws and there is a space constraint for eruption of the "wisdom teeth". This not only creates an imbalance in position of other teeth but also creates other issues like infections. So when not erupted into its proper position, a wisdom tooth is best removed.

We ensure painless extractions and comfortable recovery.