Routine Dental Examination


At your first visit to Arun Dental Care, we take a complete history of your medical condition by providing a registration number specially for you and do a complete routine oral examination, discuss the best treatment plan for you and give an estimation of the treatment costs. We give first preference to your main complaint then we follow up with the other treatments as per the treatment plan.

A Routine Dentistry Examination Includes The Following:

  • » Examination of the tooth
  • » Examination of the gum
  • » Other soft tissue examination

Examination Of The Tooth:

The dentition is completely checked first by dentist, and teeth present or missing is recorded. Cavities, broken fillings, crowns and other restorations on the teeth are checked. Mobility of the tooth is also assessed and recorded.

Examination Of The Gums:

In the examination of gums , the gingiva or the gum is inspected for its color, contour, consistency and it is probed to measure the depth of the pockets surrounding the tooth which is a sign of gingival disease. Any swelling or ulcer over the gums, if present, is recorded by dentist.

Soft Tissue Examination:

The purpose of the soft tissue examination is to find out lesions, tumors (benign or malignant) or any other changes that are present in the oral tissues. It can be treated successfully, if we detect it in early stage itself.

A soft tissue examination includes complete visual examination and palpation of tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, roof of the mouth, And also for the salivary glands.

It also includes the examination of the head, neck, face and for the enlargement of lymph nodes.


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