Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is done to improve the patient’s facial appearance and the smile with Sedation dentist. With the help of cosmetic dentistry one can smile confidently.

Cosmetic Dentistry Includes:

  • » Tooth colored Fillings - Fillings are done to restore the decayed tooth or damaged teeth. This tooth colored fillings (composites and porcelain like materials) does not show out which gives your teeth a natural appearance.
  • » Bonding – Broken or cracked tooth can be corrected by the Bonding procedure. Composite filling material which looks like tooth enamel is applied to the surface of a tooth, then it is shaped, contoured, and polished, making the crack or the broken piece invisible.
  • » Teeth Whitening - Teeth whitening is the most commonly done cosmetic dentistry procedure. we help you to remove the stains (which are caused by smoking, coffee, tea, other drinks and poor oral hygiene) and give you a brighter & whiter smile.
  • » Tooth Jewellery-A non invasive tooth decoration is a brilliant way to add sparkles to ur smile and stand out of crowd.Because there is no drilling involved they wont harm your teeth & no side effects. These are bonded to the front surfaces of upper anterior teeth & can be easily removed without any damage to tooth structure.
  • » Ceramic Laminates/Veneers-ceramic laminates are thin shells made of ceramic that are bonded onto the front surface of prepared anterior teeth
    -Do you have discolored/chipped tooth/cracked tooth? -Crowded/worn tooth/uneven spaces between teeth? -Intrinsic stains like 'tetracycline staining' or 'Dental Fluorosis/Enamel Flurosis' -These can be corrected with ceramic laminates/veneers.