Children Dentistry

Let Them Grow Without Fear Of Dentistry!!

Pediatric Dentistry is a branch of dentistry which gives specialized dental care for children under the age of sixteen.
As a parent, we understand the concern you have for the health of your children’s dental health.HenceParents must take their child for dentist when they are at the age of two and half years, by the time the child will be having all the baby teeth.
We work with you to minimize the amount of dental work your children will need as adults by taking an early, proactive approach in the maintenance of your child’s oral health. Early visits to the dentist have the added benefit of making your child much less fearful of the dentist as an adult.
They must at least visit dentist twice a year.

It Includes:

  • » Behavior management and dental education
  • » Monitoring eruption and shedding of teeth
  • » Routine dental check-up
  • » Diet consultation
  • » Fluoride application of teeth
  • » Tooth cleaning & polishing
  • » Restorations and tooth-colour filling of deciduous teeth
  • » Pit and fissure sealants(protective coating placed on teeth which can prevent cavities on that tooth surface) for the permanent teeth
  • » Space maintainer, space regainer
  • » Root canal treatment and stainless steel crown of the deciduous teeth
  • » For unco-operative children/children with behavioural difficulties & kids below 5years of age, the dental treatment can be done with "Sedation Dentistry.