Professional cleaning

This procedure removes the Calculus(Calculus are hard chalky white or dark green calcified deposits that form on the teeth or restorations) and stains (Stains are discolouration of the teeth caused by food, bacteria, tobacco, metals) on your teeth which tend to build up over time and leaves your mouth feeling sparkling clean.

It causes Following Diseases:

  • »  Dental caries
  • » Bad breath
  • » Gum diseases
  • » Periodontal diseases that leads to loss of teeth
  • » Oral cancer
  • » Heart disease

Treatment Procedure:

So, visit your dentist once in four to six months and have your teeth cleaned. A cleaning also helps reduce inflammation of the gums which occur due to constant irritation by food particles. A cleaning usually takes about 30-45 minutes. After cleaning, the teeth are polished to smoothen the enamel and prevent accumulation of deposits over the teeth. As Oral hygiene helps to maintain good oral health and so the general health.