Night Guards And Mouth Guards Treatment

Basically, night guards treatment are orthodontic (removable) habit breaking appliance, designed for “mouth breathers”. They enable the patient to breathe normally through nostrils and prevent mouth breathing. They are custom made and usually advised for children with mouth breathing habit. Mouth breathing children are advised to place the mouth guard inside their mouth during the nights, for a few days.
Mouth guards treatment are appliances designed for boxers. They are placed inside the mouth during boxing game, to prevent any injury to the teeth and other oral tissues, by the opponent.

Minor Oral Surgery

Minor Oral Surgery is a field of dentistry that is used to correct the dental problems surgically.

The Surgical Procedure Includes :

  • » Extraction of the badly decayed or damaged tooth
  • » Removal of the impacted tooth
  • » To place implants
  • » To repair fractures of jaw and other facial bones
  • » Biopsy of the oral lesions
  • » To repair cleft lip and cleft palate
  • » Orthognathic surgery to correct the facial appearance
  • » Smoothening the bone to help in fit of the denture Drainage of pus from an abscess

We ensure painless extractions and comfortable recovery.