Implant Dentistry

A dental Implant is an artificial root placed into your jaw to support the artificial tooth that is replaced Implant Dentistry is an advanced branch of dental practice that has revolutionized dental treatment and provides tremendous results for the patient.
Dental Implants are basically miniature screws made of bio-compatible material called "Titanium" that are placed in jaw bone under local anaesthesia.
Dental Implants takes the place of the natural root, which was removed when the tooth was extracted. This titanium root or implant can anchor a replacement crown or a bridge that is cemented or screwed to it. Titanium is used as it is exceptionally well tolerated by the human body, and is seldom rejected. It is also extremely strong and durable.
Dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants Has Many Advantages. They Are:

  • » Conservative- (do not take support from the adjacent tooth like fixed partial denture).
  • » Cost effective – (only one tooth cost is taken, unlike Fixed partial denture in which cost of replacing tooth and the neighboring supporting tooth is used)
  • » Improved function(Dental implants function just like ur own natural teeth)
  • » Improved dental hygiene.
  • » Better dental aesthetics
  • » Patient comfort – (Will give you a natural feel).
  • » Affordable- (implants are cheaper by cost)
  • » Simple surgery done in local anesthesia

Treatment Procedure:

After a detailed planning phase which involves diagnostic impressions, radiographs and CT Scans, the dental implants will be placed into your jaw bone under local or general anesthesia.

In certain conditions, we can go ahead and immediately restore these dental implants and you can walk out of the surgery with brand new teeth. In some cases, we will have to wait for a certain time period to ensure that the bone around the implant is healed before we replace the missing tooth or teeth.

we use some of the globally leading brands of implants like Nobel- Biocare, Zimmer, Lifecare and Adin, which are popular world over. These are highly compatible with the human bone and in 90% of the people, last a lifetime.

After an initial period of 3-4 months dental implants undergo a biological attachment with bone called 'Osseointegration' which allows the dental implants to be loaded with artificial tooth.

All of these options will be discussed at the time of your appointment.